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1980s Vintage & Rare Kramer USA, Floyd Rose, custom pickups, EVH super strat


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Vintage Kramer USA Pacer Electric Guitar - candy apple red. Assumed 1983/4 model.
The guitar dates to the early 80s and was part of the American series which were USA parts but assumed assembled in Japan under ESP. Neck pocket  plate and stamps notes USA, with the Floyd being German as expected.  Finest quality, including transitional hockey stick headstock (truss rod access via heel or neck as per premium Kramers) and original floyd rose. Not to be confused with lesser models- full fat and rare.
The frets are in good condition - been treated to a dress and full professional setup. Plays awesome.
These are getting harder to come by- proper EVH era and a future (if not already) classic USA super strat. There is wear on the body as you would expect for a guitar of over...

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