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Gibson Orville Les Paul Custom


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Orville Les Paul Custom - mid 90s made in Japan for Gibson under licence. These aren't lawsuits but a way Gibson were able to feed the Japany market whilst avoiding import and export. Named after the founder (Orville Gibson) and stunning workmanship- many argue better than what the US were producing at the time (and now half the price). They ran until early 2000s and then Gibson pulled the brand.

This one's fantastic for the age, bought from a dealer/artist and thought previously to be a pro owned. Lay in the studio before I picked it up.

Its been upgraded to Stormy Mondays Bareknuckles
Gotoh bridge and Tail. Has Grover Tuners. 50s wiring with CTS and vintage caps. Original brass nut is awesome and no expense spared to make this an absolute beast.
Been over...

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